Other Ways to do Business Networking in 2023

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Looking for more ways to network with your peers in 2023? You've got a lot of options. There are several places that you can go to network with other people. This could range from where you live all the way to where you work. As a matter of fact, a survey done with online professionals shows that 61% of them think that online networking is a great way to grow your career.

As of late, more and more business owners are starting to pay attention to the benefits of effective business networking. You will find that some business people may try to get you into their business networking events for their own benefit. So it's up to you to measure the amount of value that you can take away from the experience. Therefore you must know the right times to bring up your products and services in conversations. Many new entrepreneurs these days are making dozens of new relationships through various kinds of meetings, conferences, seminars, trade shows, just to name a few.

And during the COVID-19 lockdowns, a lot of these business connections were made through online social networks. So that simply means that the pandemic does not have to put a damper on your efforts to build a successful business network.

The good news is that 2021 is shaping up to be a banner year for networking. At a minimum, expect to see more traditional business awards ceremonies like the Credit Suisse 10-K and the Forbes 30-Second Business Network move to social networks. This is a move towards further promoting the latest breakthroughs in technology, data, and business models.

Networking is an important part of an effective business marketing strategy. It helps you to get products and services to your audience faster. Plus, it reduces the chances of getting burned by a competitor. And when it comes to customer loyalty and nurturing professional associations, effective networking provides a sense of community. And that's vital for running a successful business.

So how can you improve your existing online business networking strategy in a way that leads to more leads, more clients, more business contacts, and better earnings?

How To Approach Business Networking In 2023

Any network of people or companies (including small business networking groups) who are working towards a common goal can benefit from networking. Many large and small business owners create a list of professional contacts. They find that keeping in touch with similarly minded people who could help their business or become mentors helps to propel their business's growth forward. Companies go about this is by collecting the contact information on the signup form when registering for a webinar or conference.

Networking can take many forms. And back in the day, business professionals had a different approach to networking. They used to look forward to going out on a Thursday or Friday night to meet up with their networking groups. You would get coffee or have a drink with people from other companies or even potential clients. The idea of sitting at a café with a fresh cup of coffee and a bunch of other young professionals was pretty appealing at the time. You could easily make a connection by doing something as simple as trading business cards.

But during the pandemic, we lived in a world of face masks, sanitization stations, and social distancing. And this physically stopped business owners from renting out a convention center and offering free food as an incentive to make new contacts.

Today, however, we are back outside, but many professional have found benefits to making virtual connections and networking online. In the post-pandemic world, business and networking has taken on a hybrid approach.

Here are some tips for networking in 2023:


  • Maintain the professional environment

For the most part, and especially if you are still working remotely, your business meetings happen at home. Well, at least for the past year and a half or so. With the help of services like Zoom and SlideShare, all you need is an internet connection and your computer. And to be honest, you can even hop on to a Zoom call using your mobile device. And for some, this kind of blurs the professional lines a bit.

Some companies do have a more casual and relaxed work culture. But you need to make sure that you are still representing your company well in these virtual meeting places. For example, if your company's culture is to wear professional attire for business meetings, then that's exactly how you should appear once you join the video conference.

Additionally, the professional environment should be maintained if you are just moderating or managing the business's social media profile. So it is more than just creating a profile so you have a presence on the different social media platforms. Your online presence should be customer-centric. What this means is that if someone reaches out to your social media page for sales support, they should feel just as valued as when they call your company's phone number directly. This way your customers feel valued and you can start to build trust with them.

  • Practice Active Listening

It's a lot easier to get distracted from the task at hand when you're at home with the family. The kids might be a distraction because you don't want to miss those precious moments. But you must be ready to listen a lot more than you talk.

Practicing active listening is an effective way to facilitate good online social networking. And while you are putting your best foot forward, you also need a good network around you. So it pays to invest in getting your business associates on a level that they can help to build the network. There is a whole host of courses available online that can help to build your business network. If your teammates underperform, then that affects the business. So as a leader, you should be always looking out for your team's professional success.

Not only can you get the chance to share ideas with others, but it's a great opportunity hear other people's ideas, too. When you think of a lot of these online forums and virtual conferences, it is really a place for people to exchange business ideas. And a lot of businesses use these mediums to find out how they feel about a specific product or service from their customers. A lot of businesses ask their users to fill out a form as a way to collect their feedback after attending a networking event.

How To Engage With Other Businesses In 2023

Let us say, for example, that you are a local business owner or even a new business. There are several ways you can network with other businesses in 2023. At the end of each month, be sure to look at all of the great new projects, products, or services that other members of your network are offering. It can be easy to miss great opportunities. But if you are on top of your game, you can stay motivated and learn from the best in your field.

There is a lot of useful information out there that can benefit your business. You just need to be plugged into the popular social networks in your field. Social media can be an excellent source of information about trends and new products. A LinkedIn group can serve as a meeting place for business professionals. And at the same time, it can also be a place to network with people who may be interested in your profession or industry.

You can create an email list or even your own network here. Another great idea is to use Facebook to create networking groups specifically for your business. It's important to remember that LinkedIn is a business-oriented network. So the topics that are discussed on it are geared toward the needs of businesses. You can also find different groups on social media that are geared towards professional development.

To be honest, LinkedIn is currently in the process of changing the social networking game forever. It's added millions of members and is changing the way people think about co-working spaces. Many online business professionals find LinkedIn to be a great place to get business referrals.

According to Scott Felker, CEO of Felker Strategic Consulting, you are much better off using LinkedIn as a networking tool. Having a LinkedIn account puts you in the best position to get in touch with the right people rather than emailing companies about opportunities.

And even in this time of virtual meetings and workspaces, it's still vital that you have a good handle on your word-of-mouth advertising. Over 90% of consumers still heavily rely on advice from family and friends when choosing which businesses to support. So while you are optimizing your articles and blogs, you still need to win over your audience with a little bit of brand loyalty. This is how they will start to refer your business to others. And that's the foundation of influencer marketing. It all boils down to getting someone that is trusted by a large online community to deliver your marketing message for you.

And it doesn't even have to be a professional influencer. Word-of-mouth is still highly valued as the first referral business model. So for a lot of online businesses, this turns out to be just a happy customer that shared the experience they had with the organization. You can already see how this will start to attract new people to your business, resulting in some well-deserved business growth. Word of mouth is a proven business referral system. And when you have a good relationship with your customers, this can continue throughout the life of your business.

A Closer Look At Inbound Marketing And Networking

Inbound marketing focuses on attracting and engaging potential customers through valuable content and personalized experiences. Networking, on the other hand, involves building relationships and connections with individuals who can contribute to your professional growth and business success. When these two approaches are combined effectively, they can amplify each other's impact and lead to significant benefits for companies.

One of the fundamental principles of inbound marketing is creating valuable content that resonates with your target audience. This content can take various forms, such as blog articles, videos, social media posts, and downloadable resources. By producing high-quality content that addresses the pain points and interests of your potential customers, you can attract them to your brand and establish yourself as an authoritative voice in your industry.


Networking plays a crucial role in the dissemination and amplification of this content. By engaging with industry professionals, influencers, and thought leaders, you can expand your reach and connect with a broader audience. Networking events, conferences, and online communities provide excellent opportunities to showcase your content and exchange ideas with like-minded individuals. By forging meaningful connections and leveraging these relationships, you can increase the visibility of your content and attract more prospects to your business.

Furthermore, networking can provide valuable insights and feedback that can inform your inbound marketing strategies. By engaging in conversations with industry peers and potential customers, you can gain a deeper understanding of their needs, preferences, and pain points. This knowledge can then be used to create more targeted and effective content that resonates with your audience. Additionally, networking can uncover collaboration opportunities, such as guest blogging or co-marketing initiatives, which can help expand your reach and enhance your inbound marketing efforts.

Inbound marketing and networking also go hand in hand when it comes to lead generation and nurturing. Networking allows you to establish personal connections with potential customers, building trust and credibility. By providing valuable insights and demonstrating your expertise, you can attract qualified leads who are genuinely interested in your products or services. These leads can then be nurtured through personalized email campaigns, targeted content, and ongoing engagement. The relationships established through networking can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your lead nurturing efforts, as prospects are more likely to engage with and convert into customers when they have a personal connection with your brand.


To starting seeing business networking benefits, you need to have a promotion mindset. There's a lot of ways that you can benefit from fostering strong business relationships. First, learn how to nurture personal relationships with your prospects and build your industry associations. Earning the trust of your target will solve a lot of the marketing challenges that new businesses face. And that's true whether you're talking about an angel investor or a customer. And when you add the online networking element to your marketing mix, you open yourself up to even more business opportunities.

And the best part is that you can join most social networking platforms at no additional cost to your business. Since the dawn of digital marketing, we have made so much progress with what we can achieve remotely. Different types of social networking platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Zoom make it a lot easier to form personal connections virtually. So don't hesitate to use this resource to connect with industry leaders and start networking. Whether you're a part of a small business network or a larger group of enterprises, the goal should be facilitating each other's business growth.

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