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RedlineVR is Chicago’s premiere immersive entertainment destination. They offer curated virtual reality experiences, a fully-stocked bar, and The Raven Room - a massive theatrical venue featuring music, art, comedy, and community events.



The Story of Redline VR


Jonathon Irons and Aaron Sawyer are the owners of Redline VR. They first became friends while attending the same film school and saw an opportunity to act on their mutual interest in VR when they moved to Chicago. Redline VR is Chicago’s first and best-rated virtual reality arcade and bar. Installing a virtual reality gaming system in your home can cost hundreds of dollars, inspiring them to open a place that can provide all the tech you need.

Redline VR offers a different kind of entertainment using augmented and virtual reality technologies. They offer VR/MR Escape Rooms, a Multiplayer Arcade, and expertly curated Virtual Reality Events.



The Challenge

Before working with gardenpatch, Redline VR had trouble generating leads, selecting the right marketing strategies, and maintaining consistent technology.

The Pandemic also impacted their business; they needed to find the right way to connect with people, create content that would target their audience more effectively, and spread the word about virtual reality games.

Why Redline VR chose gardenpatch

When Redline VR approached gardenpatch, they faced overwhelming inconveniences created by the Pandemic, which caused a global effect on establishments where customers gathered in one place. They needed a contract growth officer to help them align their sales, marketing, and people strategies and scale their operations.

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How gardenpatch helped

gardenpatch helped Redline VR target the right audience by enhancing their marketing strategy and returning them to profitability post-pandemic. We enhanced their sales sheets and processes to improve their sales outreach and drive results. Setting up Databox allowed us to view all data in a centralized place. Next, we built customer rapport and brand awareness by responding to Google My Business reviews (both positive and negative).

gardenpatch increased Redline VR’s traffic by analyzing ad performance, social media engagement, creating quality content, launching email marketing campaigns, and blogging. We also successfully migrated the Redline VR website from Squarespace to HubSpot, while maintaining the content, look, and feel of the original site.


The Results

The implementation of our new social engagement strategies resulted in Redline VR gaining over 10,000+ Instagram followers in under 6 months. Customers could familiarize themselves with the Redline VR experience before booking an appointment. This helped ensure the entire purchase process was frictionless.

Our enhanced sales process led to better outbound calls outcome, increasing sales sequence enrollments, generating warm leads, and booking appointments. We also nurtured past customers and, in total, saw an increased revenue.

We successfully migrated the Redline VR website from Squarespace to HubSpot. Several landing pages were also created, improving the user experience, and making continuous improvements and optimization on all pages with long-term growth in mind.

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Social Engagement Increase


Cost Per Lead Decreased


Paid Search Increased

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