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Riskalyze is the world's first and only investment advisor platform that enables investment advisors to quantify risk tolerance using a Risk Number®. We believe that when advisors align the world's investments with each investor's Risk Number®, anyone can invest fearlessly.


The Story of Riskalyze


Riskalyze is reinventing the investment advisory experience. The firm's Risk Number®—a sophisticated, patent-pending risk measurement technology—helps advisors capture a quantitative measurement of client risk tolerance and use that data to win new clients, capture and meet expectations and quantify suitability.Riskalyze-3


The Challenge

Our relationship with Riskalyze began because they did not have an in-house developer dedicated to working on their website. They had a team that was focused on their products and development but not their website content specifically.

Why Riskalyze chose gardenpatch

Riskalyze chose gardenpatch because of our ability to deliver quickly and efficiently. They enjoyed being able to have a reliable partner, who did not only implement, but also strategize and look for continuous improvement to their website.

How gardenpatch helped

Our team supported Riskalyze with many of their development-related website projects. Having a dedicated development team allowed them to meet their project goals while obtaining the benefits of reliability, a full stack of services, reliability, and quick turnaround time. We helped them build a system allowing their customers to build their own tech stack. Now their users can seamlessly integrate their existing systems and workflows, sync data back and forth across their CRM, and attach reporting and billing engines to and from Riskalyze.

The Results

Our growth driven design team began to work on building web pages and landing pages. We created over 22 pages and 11 redirects and also updated 80 web pages. We also helped them build a system that allows their customers to build their own tech stack.

As a result of this effort, all of these web pages were fully integrated into Riskalyze’s existing platform, allowing it to reach its full potential, reach more people and enhance its user experience.

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+ 22

Website Pages Created

+ 80

Landing Pages Updated

+ 15

Website Redirects

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