How Snappy Kraken migrated their website and built fresh automations with the help of gardenpatch.

It was a smooth and easy migration process!

Snappy Kraken is a marketing automation platform designed to help US-based financial advisors generate leads, engage prospects, and maintain clients via customized multi-channel campaigns and targeted ads. The platform allows financial advisors to reach prospective clients directly with custom messages, contests, and more.


The Story of Snappy Kraken

Snappy Kraken, is a SaaS marketing solution that helps financial advisors personalize, automate,
and track marketing campaigns and business processes.

Users can choose from a number of ready-made campaigns, each containing
combinations of professionally designed and written email drip series, social media posts, ads, and more.

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The Challenge

Our relationship with Snappy Kraken began because they wanted to separate their backend and frontend developers, create more marketing-focused pages, and align their team with the new tech stack.

Why Snappy Kraken chose gardenpatch

Snappy Kraken was looking for an extension to their current team that they could rely on. They needed a contract growth officer who would be able to add momentum to their current workflow. Our gardenpatch team proved to be of great value and showed how we could do this by providing expertise and experience in our field.

Snappy Kraken trusted gardenpatch because of our expertise and ability to act as a contract growth officer. They knew that for their website migration to be successful, they needed to have the brightest minds with a robust tech stack doing the heavy lifting. That's gardenpatch!

How gardenpatch helped

We started by migrating their website over to Hubspot. Several issues came with having the entire Snappy Kraken website on WordPress and we believed it would be better for them to move over to Hubspot and separate their frontend from the backend.

The next step was to migrate their assets from several other platforms, including ActiveCampaign, Planhat, Unbounce, and WordPress. We recreated landing pages and workflows. Increasing the usage of automations allowed the Snappy Kraken team to reduce the amount of time spent on manual actions.

The most challenging part of this was ensuring none of the data Snappy Kraken had in these other platforms was lost once there were in Hubspot. We completed integrations utilizing tools like Segment, Zoom, and Calendly.

The Results

To support this website migration and overhaul, we created over 90 service-related assets.
This included 37 workflows, 45 lists, and 9 surveys. Additionally, we developed over 300 marketing related assets.
There were 23 workflows, 158 blogs, and 43 landing pages. There were also 29 website pages
and 69 marketing emails created to support this massive effort. Furthermore, on the sales side of things,
our team developed and implemented 30 workflows to keep leads flowing through Snappy Kraken's funnel.

As a result of this effort all of these assets were fully integrated into Snappy Kraken's existing platform
so that they can be accessed by anyone who works within the company at any time from anywhere in the world!

+ 120

Service Assets Created

+ 300

Marketing Assets Created

+ 70

Website Pages Migrated

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ever made.

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