How The Cooling Company Grew With gardenpatch

Our leads
increased 229.48%!

The Cooling Company has been serving Las Vegas and the surrounding areas for over 10 years. As a family owned business, they have a great reputation and are dedicated to providing the best customer service. They needed a digital marketing team to help them get the results they wanted.

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The Story of The Cooling Company

As one of the best-reviewed HVAC companies in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas, The Cooling Company is proud
to provide our customers with quality service.

Wellington and Joanna Santana dreamt of a better future for their family. With this goal in mind, they worked hard,
and Wellington got back to studying. After graduating with his HVAC certification, he worked for almost a decade as
an HVAC technician. Later on, he took a leap of faith and started The Cooling Company.

The Cooling Company offers AC installation, repair, tune-ups, and maintenance services to both residential and
commercial clients. With Lennox being the industry standard for HVAC equipment, The Cooling Company is proud to
be a premier Lennox dealer.

Now, as one of the best-reviewed HVAC companies in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas, The Cooling Company is
proud to provide our customers with quality service.



The Challenge

Before working with gardenpatch, The Cooling Company did not know how to reach new customers and get more traffic to their website.

They were also struggling with getting their service in front of people who might be interested in it.

Why The Cooling Company
Chose gardenpatch

When The Cooling Company approached us, they were looking for more leads for their business. They wanted to increase their web presence and get more customer calls. They wanted to get their phones ringing. With many other options to choose from, The Cooling Company chose gardenpatch because of our customized approach tailored to their needs. Our values aligned when it came to how we see our customers.

How gardenpatch helped

When gardenpatch started working with The Cooling Company, the first thing tackled was their website. Their SEO issues were addressed first to set a good foundation for any other marketing efforts that would follow. In 2 months, mobile traffic increased by 150.23% and desktop by 83.33%.

The next step was to tackle their social media presence. They had Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. However, none of these were very active. We started to use these social media accounts to help increase their brand awareness.

Once these two steps were completed, we could finally start implementing our paid advertising strategy. We created ads on Google Ads, and Facebook Ads Manager that were targeted towards people interested in HVAC services like installation, repair, and maintenance.

The Results

The number of website leads increased. In a month, the website bounce rate decreased by 14.15%.
They started to get more calls to the business. Within the last three months, The Cooling Company
received 52.5K clicks and 3 million impressions to their website through Google search results.
Similarly, in July, The Cooling Company had a 229.48% increase in website visits compared to the
previous month.

+ 52.5K


+ 3M


+ 229.48%

Website Visits

The best
ever made.

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