Customer Service Reporting

"I need a more effective way to track the performance of my customer service team."

Customer Service Reporting

Customer service reports are a vital aspect of your company. It helps you identify areas to improve to deliver an exceptional experience for your customers. You can use the information from your reports to effectively plan out and execute changes in your business. A customer service report is one of the best ways to identify actionable insights to level up your customer experience. They may include several different metrics that gauge the overall performance of the customer service team. These include response time, employee productivity, and customer satisfaction.


Why You Need Customer Service Reporting?

Customer reports are becoming more popular as businesses strive to create better experiences for clients. It helps you identify which areas your brand can still improve. Aside from that, it helps your team realize which areas of your customer service need more attention.

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Customer Satisfaction Report

Customer satisfaction is a critical component in the business world today because it has everything to do with customer loyalty and retention rates. In some cases, improved customer satisfaction translates to increased spend per customer. The customer satisfaction report template focuses on customer perception, satisfaction, retention, and experience. The customer service satisfaction dashboard template reports on things like:

Customer effort score. Your customer effort score (CES) is an important metric because it measures how much effort your customers have to put into using the product or service and how likely it is that they'll continue to pay for it. A CES allows customers to rank their experience on a seven-point scale that ranges from "Very Difficult" to "Very Easy." The CES is a popular method for customer success teams around the world because rather than asking how satisfied a customer was outright, you can examine how pleasant or unpleasant their customer experience was.

Net promoter score (NPS). Your NPS is crucial to your whole organization because it tells you exactly what customers think of you and how they view your company. It's used to determine how likely your customers are to refer you to their peers. The NPS survey asks customers to rate your company on a scale of 1 - 10. Customers are categorized as promoters (9 or 10 rating), passives (7 or 8 rating), or detractors (6 or lower rating) based on these ratings. Improving your NPS score can help you improve customer loyalty and see business growth.

Customer retention. Because of data analytics, you know that if you don't keep your customers satisfied, your business won't survive. That's because keeping your customers happy can increase customer loyalty and bring in long-term business. According to HubSpot, acquiring new customers is 5 to 25 times more expensive than keeping current customers. And a bad customer experience can significantly reduce customer retention, which is why it needs your focus. 

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