Does location Based Advertising Freak You Out?

"I'm having trouble placing myself in the shoes of other cultures."

Location Is Key

The exact location of a user is a key factor to take into account when trying to reach your potential customers online. Plus, the impact geo-location is having is so huge you can't ignore it.


First Things First

For a start, artificial intelligence has a lot to do with this impact. AI helps marketers make accurate predictions about their customer personas, and market better every time.

This type of marketing works well for small businesses, because it gives them an opportunity to target local consumers. They don't need to worry about getting the message out there—their ads will only show up when a potential customer is nearby.

Here’s How gardenpatch Can Help You Implement Location Based Advertising:

Planning a content strategy tailored to your audience

Location-based advertising works to help you tailor content in a specific yet natural way that will resonate with a certain audience segment—according to the particular cultural scenarios they face.

Depending on each location, it could be: 

  • severe snow
  • heavy traffic complications
  • a massive strike blocking the whole downtown area

Delighting your audience with relevant content

You can feel pretty confident about the topics you want to build your content around. 

However, if the vocabulary you're using is not appropriate for that dialect, or if you don't get time zones or peak engagements right, you'll be wasting your precious content potential to the online nebula of invisibility.

(Yes, there are several elements to consider before crafting your content for multiple audiences.)

Users are not going to resonate with any neutral content, no matter how good it is or whether you've planned a content strategy before. If the content is not naturally adjusted to their culture, engagement is not going to happen.

And we don't want that for you.

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