Which Affiliate Marketing Strategy Is Right for Me?

"I'm not sure which affiliate marketing strategy to use."

Converting Sales With Your Affiliate Links

You have your affiliate links, but you need a kick-ass marketing strategy to bring in the sales. Your strategy shouldn't just focus on bringing in traffic toward your links, but on bringing in the right traffic that will convert sales. That's why you need to start by identifying your target customer so that you can tailor your marketing strategy around them. 


Persona-Based Marketing

Create customer personas based on their age, gender, location, likes, dislikes, lifestyle habits and any other information relevant to their buying decision. This will be your "cheat sheet" you should refer to as you plan where to reach your audience online, what to say to them and how to position your unique selling point.

Here's How gardenpatch Can Help You With Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing strategy

To create a marketing strategy, research your target customer. In other words, determine who is most likely to buy your affiliate product. Create a profile of them that includes their demographic and interests. This will dictate your affiliate marketing strategy, based on where your target customer hangs out online, what sort of content they want to consume and how they do their research to make buying decisions.

Content Marketing 

Create a content marketing plan tailored to your target customer. Do some keyword research and engage with your target audience on social media to get good ideas for content. Write a list of topics you can cover and specific questions you can answer on your website's blog.

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