How Do I Make Money From Affiliate Marketing?

"I'm struggling to earn a sizable income from affiliate marketing."

Getting Paid As An Affiliate Marketer

In the typical affiliate marketing structure, a merchant pays a percentage of an affiliate sale to the affiliate (you). Therefore, you're only compensated for the sales you make. The good news is, affiliate marketing is an infinitely scalable business, and you can set it up to operate on autopilot so that you can earn income in your sleep.


Generating Targeted Traffic

The key to making money through affiliate marketing is to generate enough targeted traffic to enter your sales funnel. Bringing in targeted traffic means that you understand the people most likely to buy your affiliate product so you can attract them online. The more targeted traffic you bring into your sales funnel, the more sales you end up making.

Here's How gardenpatch Can Help You With Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing strategy

To create a marketing strategy, research your target customer. In other words, determine who is most likely to buy your affiliate product. Create a profile of them that includes their demographic and interests. This will dictate your affiliate marketing strategy, based on where your target customer hangs out online, what sort of content they want to consume and how they do their research to make buying decisions.

Content Marketing 

Create a content marketing plan tailored to your target customer. Do some keyword research and engage with your target audience on social media to get good ideas for content. Write a list of topics you can cover and specific questions you can answer on your website's blog.

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