How Can I Provide Better Customer Service Online?

"I want a better way to help my customers online."

Making Your Online Customer Experience Awesome

Customer experience is a competitive battleground, and as a growing percentage of consumers prefer to research and make purchases online, the online experience your customers get is crucial. When prospects come to your site, you don't want them to feel like they're just another sale. 

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Personalizing The Online Experience For Customers

Better online customer service means using technology to help you tailor each customer's experience to them. Using cookies, you can show their recently viewed items, offer a wishlist feature and send them emails for events like their birthday, mother's day or father's day.

Here Is How gardenpatch Can Help With Online Customer Service:

Giving Customers an Inside Look at Your Products

Nothing frustrates online shoppers more than product pages without enough product information to inform their purchase decision. If you aren't providing ample details on what the customer will get, they'll choose not to decide to buy at all. A better online customer service experience involves providing pictures, videos, descriptions, FAQs, and product reviews. There should also be sales representatives or AI-enabled chatbots available to answer questions through chat plugins.

Making Your Checkout Process Easy

Checking out online should be a fast, simple, and intuitive process. Offer customers the option to sign into their account or check out as a guest, and include as many payment options as possible. Be sure to include localized payment options for international customers, such as Alipay in China or Sofort in Germany. If you're including upsell or cross-sale offers in your checkout process, don't put customers through to a new page; it should be at the top or on the side of the checkout. The fewer clicks your customers need to make, the better.

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