How Can I Increase Conversions On My Website?

"I Need a Higher Conversion Rate on My Website!"

Creating The Conversion Paths That Lead To Sales

Conversion paths are what turn your website visitors into known leads who are ready to continue through your sales funnel. Effective conversion paths are formed with helpful targeted content and attention-grabbing calls to action. 


Lead Scoring

Scoring your leads based on their stage in the sales cycle and their degree of sales readiness helps you take the appropriate action steps for each lead. When you know their status based on how they've engaged with your company thus far, you can avoid pushing new leads too soon and missing sales from hot leads.

Here Is How gardenpatch Can Help Increase Conversions On Your Website:

Measuring Your Click-Through Rate

To optimize conversions, you first need to measure them. Make sure you're tracking your click-through rates everywhere you have a call to action on your website. It could be a link to sign up for your email list, a link to your product inside a blog post, or a link to follow you on Instagram. Your click-through rates reveal the effectiveness of each call to action, so you can double down on the ones that are working and eliminate the "fluff" on your website.

A/B Testing For Conversion Rate Optimization

Effective conversion paths become even more effective when you run A/B split tests to test what adjustments to your website lead to higher conversion rates. Use an A/B split testing tool or service and replicate the content and calls to action that perform the best.

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