How Can I Get More Out of A/B Testing?

"I Need to Optimize My A/B Testing Process."

Optimizing Your Approach To A/B Split Testing

If you're just getting started with A/B split testing, there's definitely a learning curve to overcome. To get past the trial and error stage as quickly as possible, take a smart, calculated approach from the get-go. 


Measuring The Effectiveness Of A/B Testing

You can't optimize any strategy without tracking and measuring its effectiveness. Perhaps the most important part of the test process is analyzing the effectiveness of doing the test in the first place. Has it enabled you to apply valuable insight to make profitable changes? To measure the significance of doing an A/B test, use an A/B split test significance calculator tool online. By analyzing the statistics of several A/B split tests you've done, you can start to see which variables are more valuable to test than others, so you can hone in on those going forward.

Here Is How gardenpatch Can Help With A/B Testing:

Use A/B Split Testing Tools

Software like Optimizely, Mixpanel, Kissmetrics and other A/B testing analytics tools make A/B testing easier, faster and more measurable. 

Put Your Test Results To Use

Getting the most out of your A/B split test depends on the action you take using what you learned. Ask yourself questions such as:

Out of all the calls to action across my website, what generated the highest conversion rate? How can I replicate this for more conversions? What yielded the lowest conversion rate?

Let's talk about growing your business.