How Do I Create Engaging Copy That Converts?

"I need to create copy that increases my ROI."

Using Powerful Words

Your language should be emotive, and your messages should be compelling. Utilize storytelling and powerful words to pack a punch and attract engagement.

Consider the image you want to paint in the reader's mind and the feeling you want to stir up. Pepper your copy with sensory words to evoke an experience in your audience accordingly.


Use Psychology To Your Advantage

Nobody wants to miss out on things like limited-time discounts. So use your copy to generate a sense of urgency and scarcity. Write killer headlines for your blog posts that make people read them.

Additionally, perfect your email subject lines to get higher open rates. When people feel they're at risk of losing something if they don't click, they're compelled to click.

Here Is How gardenpatch Can Help With Creative Marketing:

Make it Easy to Digest

Whether it's written marketing copy or the script for a piece of video content, you need to make it easy for your audience to consume.

Written copy should follow a logical structure, be broken up into short paragraphs, and be organized with several headers and sub-headers. Video content should have a structure with clear transitions that guide the reader through the different topics and text, images, or diagrams that help support what's being said.

Formatting Your Copy to Increase Engagement

Play around with the formatting of your written copy to increase the power of your words. For example, one-word or two-word paragraphs that stand alone help draw attention to key ideas. Text that is bold, all-caps, highlighted or colored also stands out and helps break up chunks of text.

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