How Do I Keep My Branding Consistent?

"I want a more consistent brand identity."

Why Brand Consistency
Is Vital

Your brand's identity is essentially what people think about your company. It's like a first impression or the picture that first comes to mind when people think of you. The more consistent your branding, whether through words, design, offerings, or perspective, the better you build awareness and earn the trust of your prospects and customers.


Keeping Your Brand Visually Consistent Online

You want to keep your company's logo to be consistent across all social media and website platforms so that users can recognize your brand. Be consistent with the colors and fonts you use to represent your brand.

Here Is How gardenpatch Can Help With Creative Marketing:

Honing Your Brand's Voice

Your brand's voice should be recognizable across your entire marketing strategy, whether in your video content, on your blog, or on a sales page. Is the voice of your brand professional or casual? Funny or serious? Make these decisions if you haven't already, and hone your voice further through practice until your brand's personality comes fully to life.

Engage with Your Audience

Fine-tune your brand's voice by interacting with your audience. Listen to the way your leads express their wants, needs, problems, and concerns. Learn to speak their language and express yourself in a way that shows them you understand. Many marketers are afraid of sounding "salesly." Keep in mind: you only sound salesly when you're not using your own brand voice that identifies you as a company that's different from the rest.

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