Having Trouble Improving your online Customer Experience?

"I don't know where to focus to sell more online."

Revamp Customer Experience

Clients are trust your e-commerce business for important transactions, and if they have a single bad experience, they'll walk away. 

And what's worse, they'll deploy the same old marketing technique when things go well: word-of-mouth. So, you can never neglect customer experience.


Grow And Scale Your Business With Customer Experience

Exceptional customer experiences are what, at the end of the day, will bring you business growth. More than 70% of clients expect a lot of personalization from a brand. 

Customers want suggestions for similar products they've bought before or immediate assistance to complete a purchase. They reject stores that make them feel just like another number. Are you delighting your customers?

Here’s How gardenpatch Can Help You Create Fascinating Customer Experiences:

Building a holistic e-commerce strategy

To run your e-store successfully, there's a mixture of steps to follow. 

Some of what we do:

  • Optimizing your website, especially for mobile 
  • Creating a content marketing plan—designed for your unique customer personas
  • Identifying all your competitor's blind spots 
  • Doing market research to expand your demographics
  • Engaging followers on social media through omnichannel marketing
  • Preparing a mind-blowing experiential marketing event to launch your e-commerce site


Delighting your customer is one of the principles where inbound marketing stands tall. This philosophy is recent yet powerful. Followers need to be invited to buy in a soft, educational, helpful, and non-aggressive way.

If businesses don't adapt to these changes quickly, they won't make it. We know how much you want to grow your online store, and we have the ultimate tools and knowledge to help. Are you inbound ready?

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