Unsure Of The Unboxing Experiences You're Offering? 

"I don't know how to improve my packaging."

Revitalize Your Packaging

Packaging is not something to drop your guard about. It should work at the service of your value proposition. Better packaging can increase the perceived value of your product as well as your whole brand value.

Your customers will cherish the imprint of your company if you provide a memorable unboxing experience. And the more personalized, the better. 


The Value Of Personalized Packaging

More than half of premium customers place a higher value on a product with custom packaging. And another 44% say they’ll buy from a brand again that uses personalized packaging.

Your products should stick out in the minds of buyers and entice them to purchase from you again. Additionally, it can help with brand awareness. Around 37% of premium customers share images of custom packaging on social media.

Here’s How gardenpatch Can Help You Offer A Mesmerizing Unboxing Experience:

Reducing Operating Costs

If you invest money and time in packaging design you'll not only be increasing the positive perception of your brand, but you'll be reducing the possibilities of product damage and subsequent refunds.

Thinking long-term saves you money. 

And thinking inbound too, will save you even more! 

Nurturing your Bond with Clients

A lovely package for your product can get your customers talking about you, and doing the oldest marketing ever—word of mouth!

Show through your packaging how much you care about your clients. And this will surely bring you new ones. Customers will adore seeing that you're paying attention to them and personalizing the purchasing experience. 

Remember that users need to feel emotionally connected to buy.

Do you need help with your packaging design? gardenpatch can help!

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