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"I understand my audience, but they don't understand my brand."

Segment Your Audience

Segmenting your audience is a crucial part of email marketing because it allows you to target specific groups of people with different information. That way, you can create relevant and useful content for each group, resulting in higher engagement and more sales.

You can segment your audience by gender, age, location, income level, interests, occupation type, and many other factors. Each segment has its own needs and wants—and if you're not selling what they want in the right way, you'll be missing out on an opportunity to make a sale.


Choosing The Right Place, Time, And Style 

How you communicate with your audience will differ based on their customer persona. These profiles will allow you to understand how to best communicate with your prospects and customers. You'll have to learn the best venues, formats, and tones to use when engaging with your target audience.

Here's How gardenpatch Can Maximize Your Communications: 

Develop Detailed Customer Personas

Lack of communication has everything to do with not having in-depth background information on your prospects. The more you know about them, the easier it'll be to create content they'll find immersive. Our experts will dig deep into your market to learn all about your target customers. This will make it easier to tailor your message to them in your communications on websites, blogs, email, and social media. 

Creating a Content Strategy

The content you develop must be consistent, relevant, and optimized. Otherwise, your prospects won't find it -- and if they do, they won't engage with it. We can help you develop a strategy to ensure your content resonates and entices users to take your call to action.

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