Do You Need To Blow Their Minds?

"I'm already hosting marketing events but now I want something disruptive."

Create A Hypnotic Experiential Event And Go The Extra Mile

Consumer behavior has radically changed because of technology and especially, due to social media. That means you need to offer your client something distinctive to show them how much you care. 


Which Of These Statements Resonates With You?

  • I want to raise brand awareness
  • I want to increase my social media following
  • I want to sell a new product or service
  • want to introduce brand ambassadors

Here’s How gardenpatch Can Help You Create A Long Lasting Experience:

Pop-Up Stores

Regardless of your goal, an experiential event is always beneficial. We have experience in designing and hosting engagement marketing events.

A temporary store with a mixture of products ready for the customers' first-hand experience. Pop-up shops are usually operated by online brands but it's not exclusive to those. We can help you create an epic pop-up store along with a marketing campaign to attract your ideal buyer persona.

Brand Activation 

This takes place when a company releases a new product, service or line. You can set up a giveaway engagement event of your new goods, or services. Customers will be enthusiastically hearing, tasting or smelling it. 

It all depends on what you intend to sell.

With this type of campaign, you'll be ahead of your competitors—apart from drawing a lot of attention from the press.

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