How Can We Turn Customers Into Brand Advocates?

"Our goal is to attract lifelong customers, but we are struggling with repeat sales."

Customer Journey Mapping

How do we create a useful customer journey map?

Creating a customer journey map is an excellent investment of resources. It helps you and your team get a precise picture of your customers, what they look like, their interests, and their problems. If you don't have an accurate assessment of your customer, how could you possibly know how to sell to them?


Who Are Your Customers?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is my customer thrifty or extravagant?
  • Are they single, or do they have a family?
  • Are they college students or a professional?
  • Do they own their home or rent?
  • What are some of their hobbies?

Here's How gardenpatch Can Help Create Content that Attracts the Right Customers:

Experiential Marketing

Building powerful connections through emotions is not only possible, it's beneficial. Experiential marketing is a way of creating a real life experience for the consumer through marketing personalization. This might mean showcasing your product in a live setting so that potential customers are able to touch, feel, and smell the product. It gives them a real experience.

Creative Marketing

Creative marketing relies on the inventive talent of a marketing team as a whole. It is centered around a more artistic approach, including the use of architecture, photographs, and music. Most of us have seen a commercial that can either bring us to tears or inspire us to take on the world. That is what creative marketing does. It impacts our emotions.

Are you ready to start implementing creative marketing in your business? Then you're in the right place. gardenpatch is here to help.

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