How Can I Make My Marketing Plan More Effective?

"I realize that automation is a new thing, but I'm nervous about relinquishing control of the process."

Consider Taking Baby Steps

How do I do this?

You don't need to dive in head first. Perhaps you could begin the process with small steps, such as automating your weekly emails and social media posts. Find some methods you are comfortable with while still moving toward efficiency.


What Are Some Of The Ways I Could Consider Automating?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is there a CRM tool I could use?
  • Should I set up an account with HubSpot?
  • Should I consider having a chatbot available on our website?
  • Are there any forms I can automate?
  • Should I consider a marketing automation suite?

Here's How gardenpatch Can Help You Embrace Marketing Automation:

Areas of Automation

Some main ways companies are choosing to automate include email campaigns, social media marketing, inbound marketing, digital advertising, lead nurturing, forms, and landing pages. Technology has come a long way and can be immeasurably valuable in making marketing easier and more effective.  

A/B Testing Can Provide Valuable Insight

An incredible area of automation is A/B testing. When it's set up properly, it can provide your company with the information it needs in order to succeed. Consider setting up A/B testing in your email campaigns. Discover what your customers are clicking on. Is it eye catching images? Great headlines? Sales offers? More information links? Knowing these answers is key.

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