Need Help Understanding Your Target Audience?

"I'm struggling with identifying my ideal buyers."

What Is A Target Audience?

A target audience is a group of customers that would ideally buy your products and services. They're the people whose problems you're solving with your products or services. Think about who you designed the product for. That will likely be your target audience.


Analyze Your Product Or Service

Analyze what you're selling to determine which consumers would most benefit from your product or service. Ask the following questions to get you closer to understanding your target audience:

  • Who would benefit the most from our products or services?
  • What needs do our products or services fill?
  • What problems or pain points do our products or service solve for?

Here's How gardenpatch Can Help You Identify Your Target Audience:

See What the Competition is Doing

One way to figure out your target audience is to see what your competition is doing. Look at other companies in your industry and see who they're targeting. Perform an analysis of your competitors and look at their customer base to see if there's something they're missing that you could focus on.

Choose Your Criteria to Segment By And Do Your Research

You can segment your target audience by several different variables, including geographic, demographic, and behavioral factors. The most common ways to segment a target audience include: by gender, age, location, lifestyle, behavior, interests, and values.

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