Why Should You Care About Your Conversion Rate?

"A high conversion rate is a sign that you're delivering what your customers want."

Your Conversion Rate Is Everything

Why does this matter?

Your conversion rate tells you whether or not your campaign is working. It is one thing to be seen by potential customers. However, it is another to pique their interest enough so that they want to learn more about your business.


How Can I Measure My Online Presence?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How many followers does your business have on social media?
  • When you do a Google search for your business, what position do you appear at?
  • Do you have an SEO plan in place for your web content?
  • What do your online sales look like?
  • How many of your leads are coming from online sources?

Here's How gardenpatch Can Help Measure The Quality Of Your Online Presence:

Look at Your Website Numbers

It is important to know how many website visitors you have each day, week, month, etc. How many of those visitors are staying around? Are they visiting several pages and staying for a long period, or are they popping in and dropping off quickly? These numbers can be a great indicator that your content is working or failing. 

Online Sales

If your online campaigns are working, then you will see it in your company's number of sales. gardenpatch is a digital marketing authority. So we can can help you succeed.

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