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"I need help growing my business through persona-based marketing."

What Is Persona-Based Marketing?

Persona-based marketing employs the use of buyer personas to help companies understand their target audience better.

A buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of your target customers and each one is created based on market research of real data pertaining to your current customers. With persona-based marketing, it helps to include the following about the customer: demographics, goals, behavior patterns, and motivations.


Buyer Persona Development

You can create your buyer personas based on your research of your current customers, prospects, and referrals. Use a combination of research, interviews, and surveys of your target audience. Search your contacts database and look for trends regarding how some of your leads or customers find and engage with your content.

Here’s How gardenpatch Can Help You With Persona-Based Marketing:

Ask The Right Questions

If you want to create effective buyer personas that actually help you gain insight into customer behavior, make sure you're asking the right questions. Just some of the questions you might ask could include:

  • What is your job role and title?
  • What skills are needed to do your job?
  • What does a typical day for you look like?
  • What tools and knowledge do you use on the job?
  • Which industry do you work in?
  • What are your biggest challenges?
  • How do you learn new information for your job?

Dig Deep

Really dig in and get to know them. Ask about their age (if appropriate), marital status, educational background, and career path.

If you find you're struggling with creating your buyer personas, consider using a buyer persona template, or using a tool like HubSpot's free buyer persona creation tool.

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