Need Help Understanding Who Your Target Audience Is?

"I need help understanding my target audience and who my ideal buyer is."

What Is A Buyer Persona?

A buyer persona can help you understand who your ideal buyer is and give you an idea of the different buying patterns of companies within your ideal buyer profile.

It's essentially a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customers. Typically, a buyer persona has been well researched and is created using real data about your existing customers. Creating a buyer persona means considering their motivations, goals, behavior patterns, and demographics, among other things


Developing Your Ideal Buyer Profile

A buyer persona defines the various buying patterns of businesses within your ideal buyer profile. Your ideal buyer profile might be IT companies with more than 15,000 employees.

Within that buyer profile, you might deal with multiple buyer personas, such as the head of sales or the head of operations. Being able to tell the difference between your buyer personas within each buyer profile can help you create the appropriate message that aligns with the goals and challenges each persona is up against.

Here Is How gardenpatch Can Help With Target Audience:

Identifying Your Ideal Buyer

Identifying your ideal buyer can be accomplished by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Which geographic locations are ideal or not ideal?
  • Are B2B customers better than B2C?
  • Are there certain company sizes that are ideal or not ideal in terms of who would buy your product?
  • Do you define size in terms of customers, revenue, employees, or another metric?
  • Are any industries or verticals ideal or not ideal?
  • What other attributes make the buyer ideal or not ideal?

Once you answer the questions above, you'll have a better idea of exactly who your ideal buyer is and you can begin creating your buyer personas based on your ideal buyer profiles.

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