Is The Press Ignoring You?

"I'm struggling with online visibility. There's too much competition out there."

Draw The Attention Of The Press In No Time!

Don't know how?

There's a highly impactful cutting-edge tactic that'll certainly catch the eyes of the media.

It's called event marketing.


Benefits Of Organizing A Big Event 

  • You can spread the word-of-mouth about your company
  • It allows you to forge a deep bond with followers
  • You can establish yourself as an authority in your industry
  • You can show openness and transparency by answering questions about your products/services
  • You foster face to face interaction between your prospects and company staff
  • The best part: It creates buzz on social media channels!

Here’s How gardenpatch Can Help You Get On The News Through Customized Experiences:

Creating experiential marketing campaigns

If you host mind-blowing marketing events for prospects using experiences you can make their time memorable. 

This will give you a competitive advantage since consumers are looking for direct interaction with your products.

Experiential marketing allows attendees to: see, hear, touch, smell, even taste, (and the press too!).

Leaving a long lasting impression with Augmented Reality

Infuse something distinctive into your event marketing campaign. Revolving your event around artificial intelligence and augmented reality is super engaging. We can help you plan, develop, and analyze the results of an experiential marketing campaign.

Everything we do at gardenpatch, we do it inbound. That means, your experience will be specially designed to: attract, engage, and delight customers. We maximize the chances of conversion since we target the ideal type of client for you through persona marketing.

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