In Trouble with Engagement?

"I don't know how to get more comments and shares on social media."

Share compelling content your followers won't ever ignore again!

Why is engagement crucial?

Consumers today are savvy—they know when they’re being advertised to and they hate it. They don't want aggressive posts on social media ordering them to buy from people they don't even know and trust.

It’s like insulting their intelligence.

Telling someone what’s right for them is the wrong way to go about selling. Instead, consumers want you to inform them so they can make their own purchasing decisions. 

And the purchasing journey can be really long.


Content Ignites Engagement

The experts at gardenpatch offer personalized content marketing strategies that help your ideal client arrive safely at the end of the buyer's journey.

We use influential content tools to trigger engagement through the channels your audience prefers. 

The truth is that users won't engage with you unless they bond with your brand at an emotional level. 

And we know how to make that happen.

For this, you will need a lot of fresh content ideas in your social media campaign.

Here’s How gardenpatch Can Help You Engage With Your Followers Online:

A Rock Solid Content Strategy Mix

A super powerful combination of blogs, infographics, videos, and how-to content will educate your audience. Then this will have them talking about your brand. And sharing. And commenting too.


This tool helps us visually identify what we want to communicate. With the creation of powerful imagery, we are able to map out important pieces of information that we can later on use and transform into engaging content for your audience. What are you waiting for? Learn how to boost engagement now.

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