Does Your Business Need A Website Template?

“I don't need a website overhaul -- just a template design.”

Create Your Own Website Template

There comes a time when websites become outdated and require improvements to boost engagement. But for some businesses, paying for a complete website overhaul is too costly. If web development is outside of your budget, then an alternative is to create a website template. This will allow you to give your site a new look on the frontend without any significant changes to the functionality on the backend. 


Save Time And Money

When you opt for a website template, you're getting quicker design work compared to web development. This is an excellent option if you're looking to simply update your site without spending too much. It's common for smaller businesses, startups, and cash-strapped companies to go this route. It's also a great starting point until you can commit to a web development service. 

Here's How gardenpatch Can Help You Creating A Website Template:

Designing for Functionality 

Templates are basic website designs, but if you're not careful, you could end up with one that malfunctions. This is why we urge clients to work with a developer to create a unique website template. This way, you're getting something true to your brand and that you know for sure will work seamlessly.

Designing for Conversions

Our experts will go over your business goals to determine the best way to create your template to reach them. We'll cover what functionalities it will require, the look and feel of the site, and other necessities that can hurt or help your online conversions. 

Let's talk about growing your business.