Having Trouble Building A Sales Pipeline?

"I'm not sure how to manage a sales pipeline or even what to include in one."

What Is A Sales Pipeline?

A sales pipeline is a simple timeline outlining the steps of a buyer's journey from lead to customer.

A deal moves to the next stage in the pipeline whenever specific actions are taken. It enables you to keep a much more organized record of the sales process. These pipelines move with your CRM, and everything is connected, saving you time and money.


Forecast Revenue With Sales Pipeline

For a manager or even a sales team, a sales pipeline will help forecast revenue by looking at the stages the opportunities are hiding in. Then, they can easily predict how many of these opportunities will close a deal in a given timeframe.

Keep in mind that every opportunity will move through the pipeline depending on:

  • Level of interest
  • Urgency
  • How much research they’ve already done


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Need Help With Building Sales Pipeline?

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Here's How gardenpatch Can Help With Sales Pipeline:

Defining and Building

We'll help you identify the stages for your pipeline. While there are several templates, we could use its worth the time and effort to develop a new one that follows your prospects' buyer journey (awareness, consideration, decision).

Cleaning up your pipeline

It is important to keep yourself organized in the sales process. You want to avoid clutter at all costs.

We'll help you identify prospects who've been in your sales pipeline for too long, sending sales breakup emails to those prospects and ensuring your data is up to date and accurate.

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