Not Seeing The Value In Your Prospecting Efforts?

“I feel like our prospecting efforts are leading us nowhere."

Get More Personal

Prospecting and sales are all about YOU and not the ME.

If you are reaching out to prospects to talk about yourself all the time, chances are you won't get the results you want. You must understand your prospects' pains, industry, and show how you can help. If they see that you know what they are experiencing, they'll start to feel a connection and begin to trust you.


The Power of Positioning Statements. Know The Industry

Positioning Statements are key in the entire prospecting process.

What do we mean by positioning statements?

Through research, we can identify industry-specific pain points. Once we discover the problems that companies in different industries are facing, we can address their needs in a much more personal way that helps us connect with our prospects.

When a prospect feels like you understand what industry challenges they’re facing and show them how you may help overcome those, you are on the right path to getting a connect call with them.

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Here's How gardenpatch Can Help You With Sales Sequences:

Building Positioning Statements

Every industry is different. All your clients will have different challenges that they are looking to overcome.
Building industry specific statements is one of our specialties. They will help you build rapport right off the bat.

Get A Connect Call

The whole purpose of prospecting is to get a connect call with a potential client and start nurturing them from there.
We’ll help you build a prospecting process with the right techniques that will stop you from wasting your time with prospecting emails and calls that get you nowhere. Our approach is backed up with research and industry knowledge rather than general “cold-calling” type of outreaches.


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