Having Trouble Managing Your Sales?

"I have no idea how to properly manage my sales."

What Does A Sales
Manager Do?

Before finding someone to manage your sales, you must fully understand a sales manager's objective.

Their ultimate KPI is Revenue.

If they meet or exceed their team quota, they are succeeding if not, they are failing. Therefore, a sales manager must help the entire sales team perform at the highest level through sales training.


A Sales Manager Should Help You:

  • Coach their salespeople on their behaviors, skills, and techniques
  • Train and onboard new sales hire
  • Recruit reps
  • Act as a go-between their team and upper management
  • Forecast sales performance for the month, quarter, and year
  • Create sales and revenue reports
  • Evaluate and tweak the sales process
  • Advocate for their reps when necessary

Here Is How gardenpatch Can Help You Finding A Great Sales Manager

How to find a sales manager?

Finding the right sales manager is no easy job.

We'll provide clear training on skills to look for in a sales manager. A sales manager should not just have technical knowledge but must also have the right personality. So a combination of skills, personality, and knowledge is what to look for.

Time management tips for sales managers

One of the most important skills to look for upon hiring a sales manager is "time management."

Once you've found the perfect fit to fill the sales management position for your team, we'll give you some time management tips that will help them succeed and take their work to a different level of agility and performance.

Let's talk about growing your business.