Don't Know How To Onboard New Sales Team Members?

"There is no onboarding process for my new sales team members to follow, creating tension during their first couple of weeks on our team."

Onboarding That Will Make Sales Reps Stay

Your Onboarding involves teaching new sales reps everything about your company, not just sales.
During Onboarding, you must be sure to teach the members the following:

  • Company culture
  • Sales knowledge and skills required
  • Soft skills

The Role Of Fellow Sales Reps

Feeling accepted and part of the team is incredibly important for a new sales rep. If a new sales rep feels accepted, they will become more invested in your organization and brand.

Small details during the onboarding process will help new hires feel welcomed and engaged from the very beginning.

Here's How gardenpatch Can Help You Onboard New Sales Team Members:

Developing a formal onboarding process

We’ll help you develop a successful onboarding process that will allow you to:

  • Set time-based goals for content and skills mastery
  • Establish expectations for new rep participation in the process
  • Guide both the representative and the manager through the process
  • Include clear checkpoints to measure progress


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