Do You Need Help Classifying Lead Quality And Lifecycle Stages?

"I can't seem to identify what stage my buyers are at."

The Use Of Lifecycle Stages

A lifecycle stage helps you understand where in the buyer's journey your contacts are at.

By identifying the proper stage, you can organize these contacts and classify each of your leads into their corresponding stage. This will allow your sales and marketing teams to understand what specific lead-nurturing tactic to use in each stage.

Identify → Classify → Nurture

Keep in mind that you can’t give the same information to a subscriber as you would give to a current customer.


LIFECYCLE STAGE: The Second Dimension Of Segmentation.

Understanding your buyer persona is a big part of segmenting your audience. However, the real value comes from understanding what and when to communicate with them. How you communicate with your audience is dependent on the lifecycle stage of each of your contacts.

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Need Help With Your Sales Lifecycle Stages?

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Here's How gardenpatch Can Help You Classify Leads And Lifecycle Stages:

How to classify and acquire leads

We can guide you through the entire process of acquiring leads to the operation of classifying them and nurturing them with content targeted to each of the stages.

How to identify each lifecycle stage

Identifying the lifecycle stages is only the first step. Besides the primary lifecycle stages above, we work on nurturing two more lifecycle stages: Evangelists and Others. Evangelists are customers who talk about your brand and are now considered brand advocates. The other contacts don’t seem to fit in any particular stage but can also be nurtured.

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