Having Trouble Developing A Model To Track Performance, Spend, And ROI?

“I don’t know how to track all my sales and marketing efforts ROI.”

What Is An Attribution Model?

An attribution model is an essential part of your sales strategy. It will follow your customer every step of the way to bring you insights into what made them convert.

Developing an attribution model will help you understand the buyer from the first time they look at your website until they actually become a customer.

The purpose of an attribution model is to measure the conversion path to understand what made someone convert.


How To Properly Build And Use Reports?

Tracking your traffic sources is necessary to understand the ROI of your overall online efforts.

From our platforms, we can create customizable reports and custom analytics views.

To calculate your ROI, we take your average sale price and average lead-to-customer rate. For this, we have the best partners that help us keep track of everything under one roof.

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Here's How gardenpatch Can Help You Track ROI:

Develop an Attribution model

For all your marketing efforts to be successful, you must understand how your visitors convert.

We’ll guide you through the entire process of creating attribution reports, from identifying which kind of attribution report to use to run it.

Track and monitor sources

When we track all the different website traffic sources, we’ll help you identify which sources are getting you the most ROI for your efforts and which ones need to be paid a little more attention to.

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