How do I find out what stage of the buyers' journey my customers are in right now?

"I am never certain of how to approach my clients because I am unsure where they are in the buying process."

A Guide to Customer Journey

Unfamiliar with this process?

The guide to the customer journey can be best understood as a manual that describes the relationship between your customer and your brand. From its inception to its current state, a guide explains all of the details of that relationship and how it came to be.


Understand Who is Your Client?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are they college educated?
  • Are they single, or do they have a family?
  • Do they live in a city or a rural town?
  • Are they frugal, or are they big spenders?
  • How can your product improve their life?

Here's How gardenpatch can Help you Understand your Client's Buyer's Journey:

What is Customer Journey Mapping?

It is a vital visual representation of your customer's journey that can help a sales manager identify potential issues before they become problematic. It is also an efficient information tool that your sales team should have available to them. We can help make that happen.

How Do I Build a Customer Journey Map?

Put together a visualization of your customer's experience from point A to point B. How did they find out about your brand? Did they contact customer service? Did a friend refer them? Were they pulled in by a great marketing ad? All of those fine details will be in the map.

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