Need Help Identifying Which Customer Service Skills Your Training Should Include?

"I need help identifying what are the best skills to train my customer service representatives."

What Are Customer Service Training Programs?

Customer service training programs are used to train new employees, periodically train current employees, and educate employees on new policies, procedures, or products. Implementing a customer service training program will help your customer service representatives provide top-notch customer service, if done correctly. They can also help boost customer engagement and improve customer loyalty, which can increase revenue. Start off with a strong educational and training foundation if you want to see success.


Skills To Consider For Your Customer Service Training

Once you've determined that you need to improve your customer service training program or implement one in the first place, figure out which skills are most important for your customer service agents to have based on your business goals. Just a few of the skills used in customer service training programs include:

  • Product and Technical Skills. Customer service agents are often trained on topics related to the product as well as the technical side of things so that they can relay that information to the customer quickly and efficiently.
  • Soft skills. Soft skills like empathy, clarity, and positivity can be helpful skills for customer service reps to learn when it comes to improving customer service interactions.
  • Crisis management skills. Crisis management skills come in handy when dealing with upset customers. Conducting role-playing activities can help customer service reps learn how to handle these situations with ease.

A Few More Things To Consider:

Customer Service Training Tips

When it comes to training your customer service representatives, it helps to have some kind of direction. Here are some customer service training tips to help guide you in developing your customer service training program:

  • Conduct mock calls
  • Use employee shadowing
  • Conduct personality testing to improve training style
  • Try reflective listening (having people repeat back what was just said to them)
  • Practice product demos
  • Encourage meditation and other relaxation techniques

How to Train Your Agents for Essential Customer Service Skills

Gather the materials you'll need to update or develop your customer service training program. You can choose from an assortment of materials, including:

  • Training videos
  • Blog posts from industry leaders
  • Training exercises
  • Online courses

There's no rule that says you have to write your own training materials. Borrowing materials from the best of the best to develop your customer service training program is the best way to go. There are tons of resources online at your disposal. Gather what you need and start planning your program around the skills you want your customer service agents to have.

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