How Can I Better Organize My Client Data?

"I feel like I'm living in chaos. I am constantly having to go through files and emails every single time I need to find an address or phone number."

A CRM System Can Save You

What does CRM stand for?

CRM (Customer Relationship Management system) makes it easier to manage information. It can run automated sales reports and allow sales representatives the ability to log their calls, sales, tasks, etc. Customer information can be stored and assembled according to relevant data.


What Kind Of Information Can A CRM Store?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I need more than basic data?
  • Do I need to know their marital status, level of education, etc.?
  • Should I keep notes about questions, issues, etc.?
  • Should I track which date they purchased their first product?
  • How do I create a record of our communication?

Here's How gardenpatch can Help You Keep All Your Client Communication in One Place

Get a Sales Reporting Dashboard

This is one of the most efficient ways you can manage data. The information will be easily displayed to support tactical and timely decision making. You simply identify the data you would like to showcase, determine how it will be used, and create reports. We can help you set everything up.

Sales Reporting 101

Generating sales reports and mastering the sales reporting system is an incredibly important part of the sales team's responsibilities. It is vital that there be an efficient system in place to ensure that sales are being properly tracked and monitored.

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