How Can I Track If Customer Requests Have Been Resolved?

"I was out of the office sick, and now I have no idea where my customer requests stand.”

Integrate A Ticketing System Into Your Process

Not sure where to start?

Providing a collaborative environment is an ideal way to build an effective support ticketing system. You might want a system that provides an in-depth database with full status reports, as well as a multi-channel response system. This makes your customer service employee's job easier, while offering an effortless experience for customers.


What Do I Want Out Of A Ticketing System?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I want to be able to run status reports?
  • Do I want to cover a customer's request from beginning to end?
  • Do I want to cover multiple communication channels?
  • Do I want to distribute customer service responsibilities?
  • Do I want an effortlessly efficient experience?

Here's How gardenpatch can Help You Keep Track of Your Customer's Requests:

Ticketing Systems for Customer Support

When a company is striving to provide excellent and timely customer service, a ticketing system can address issues by priority and create an appropriate response system. We can help you set it up based on your company's specified needs.

It Benefits Your Customers

If a customer is having a massive issue that is preventing them from using a product or service, then a customer care agent can be assigned to them more quickly. Their issue will be prioritized over a lesser issue that is not as timely. 

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