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What Is A Knowledge Base?

A knowledge base is an online database - a collection of educational articles about a specific company, its products and services, as well as industry-related topics. The information is collected and updated periodically. A knowledge base can help you provide your customers with valuable information that they may need to help them make purchasing decisions. A knowledge base can also be helpful for your employees and potential customers when you include information about each department, FAQs, and directions for product or service usage.


Improve Customer Service With A Powerful Knowledge Base

Creating your knowledge base can help improve customer service. Determine your most commonly asked questions and start creating knowledge base articles around those topics. Here are a few tips to assist you in creating your own knowledge base.

  • Use target keywords
    Use search-engine-optimized keywords in the title to attract more traffic.

  • Include navigation or table of contents
    Some articles may run pretty long and creating a table of contents can help your customers and employees jump to different sections of your article easily.

  • Categorize articles 
    Create several categories you're going to include in your knowledge base and designate every piece of content you create to a category to make it easier for customers to browse.

  • Link to other pages/articles on your website
    Linking to other resources on your site helps establish authority and gives your knowledge base a professional look and feel.

  • Give step-by-step directions
    Provide step-by-step instructions for people trying to use your products or services and other things they may have trouble doing.

  • Go into detail
    Going into detail can help your customers better understand what you're trying to convey, and give them an idea of whether your products or services
    are right for them.

  • Stick to one topic per article
    Choose one topic per article and stick to it; don't try to do too much in one article.

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Designing Your Knowledge Base

The two most important aspects of knowledge base design are navigation and accessibility. Your knowledge base should be designed with the user in mind. Keep things simple, yet functional. Make it easy for them to search and find the information they're looking for. Put the most popular articles on the home page of your knowledge base and pay close attention to information architecture and user experience design. Do some usability testing to determine how user-friendly your knowledge base is compared to your competition. Make improvements as necessary.

Maintaining Your Knowledge Base

Once you have your knowledge base up and running, it's important that you keep it updated. You can create a plan to update it periodically, maybe every three months or so. Just makes sure you actually get around to it because customers and prospects need to be able to access your most complete and accurate information in order to make informed decisions. It's essential to good customer service.

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