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“I’m having trouble answering customer questions efficiently and getting my team to understand business impact. 

What Is A Knowledge Base?

A knowledge base is an online collection of articles that can help you provide easily accessible information to your customers, prospects, and employees. Knowledge bases can help you improve customer service because anyone can access it 24/7, even after business hours. Knowledge bases provide searchable information on your products, services, and your company.


Encouraging Your Team To Focus On Business Impact

Once you've got your knowledge base up and running, get your team to focus on business impact by tracking the right metrics to ensure your knowledge base is actually making a positive impact on your company's reputation. Determine how many customers are finding your article helpful by asking them to give feedback. Measure value using a one-question survey: "Did you find this article helpful?" If any of your knowledge base articles aren't helpful, make sure your team gives those another read-through to find areas that need improvement or expansion.

Once you begin measuring and refining your operational goals, you can begin to understand what impact your knowledge base has on the business. If you're headed in the right direction in terms of business impact, you'd likely see these two things:

  • A reduction in support tickets over time
  • An increase in the number of customers who use your knowledge base program.

If customers are making use of the knowledge base and giving you good feedback, you know it's having a positive impact on your business. Focus on improving and updating your knowledge base to continue to see a positive business impact.

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Knowledge Base Software

If you'd rather not go it alone, you can always get yourself a great knowledge base software that can help you create and manage your knowledge base fairly easily. HubSpot has a great knowledge base software that can help you create, organize, and maintain your knowledge base.

Creating An Effective Knowledge Base

If you want to create an effective knowledge base, you'll need to pay attention to several things, including user experience, SEO, design, and architecture. That means you need to make sure people can easily search and find what they're looking for. There are a few guidelines you should follow when creating your knowledge base, such as:

  • Linking to helpful resources
  • Crafting descriptive titles
  • Using most frequently asked questions in your chatbot or support ticket auto-responder
  • Proofread everything (using an online grammar checker as a backup)
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