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What Is Customer Service Reporting?

Customer service reporting is a branch of data analytics that can help you determine what your customers need and assist you in finding ways to meet their expectations. The purpose of a customer service report is to get feedback from your customers and then use data analytics to help you make better decisions. A customer service report can tell you how well you're doing in terms of overall customer satisfaction.


Benefits Of Customer Service Reporting

Customer service reporting touts many benefits, which is why top agencies are using it to improve customer service and satisfaction. Just some of the benefits include:

  • Gives you a deeper insight into how your business is perceived by others
  • Gives you the most cost-effective customer service department by reducing support costs
  • Improves your company's response time
  • Improves customer retention and loyalty
  • Allows you to reward all of your best-performing support agents
  • Boosts internal morale
  • Improve your Net promoter score
  • Helps you easily track the nature and level of customer issues
  • Helps you make important business decisions

A Few More Things To Consider:

Types of Customer Service Reports

Customer service reports are essential to customer loyalty and business growth, which is why it's crucial that you know what kinds of reports your business needs in order to see that growth. There are several types of customer service report metrics to consider, such as:

  • Net promoter score (NPS). The NPS is a popular metric that measures how likely a customer is to recommend your company to a friend or colleague, usually by asking them to take a single-question survey.

  • Customer effort score (CES). The CES measures how easy it is for customers to interact with your company or use your products and services with just one question.

  • Customer satisfaction (CSAT). The CSAT is a survey that measures customer satisfaction by asking customers to rate their experience on a scale, focusing on a specific product, service, or interaction.

  • Abandonment Rate. This metric measures the percentage of customers who ended an interaction with your business before they could complete an action.

  • Customer Health Score. The customer health score measures a customer's overall satisfaction with your company using a color scale. Green means they're happy, yellow means there's room for improvement, and red means you may lose their business.

Customer Service Reporting Software

If you're still not too comfortable handling customer service reporting on your own, you can always turn to customer service reporting software and other tools, which can help you gather and analyze the right data based on your industry and your business goals. 

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