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"I don't know how to effectively train my customer service agents."

What Is A Customer Service Training Program?

A customer service training program is used to train new hires, re-train current employees on a periodic basis, and provide time-sensitive training for unexpected events (like product recalls). Implementing customer service training can help you to improve customer service and satisfaction, as well as customer loyalty. Because when your employees are well-trained, they can perform their jobs better and provide a higher quality of customer service. Creating a customer service training program will help you increase customer engagement and achieve your business goals, but it requires time and attention to get it up and running. But first, consider the types of customer service training and which kinds you'll need for your business.


Types Of Customer Service Training

When it comes to training your customer service agents, there are a few different types of training to consider before setting up your customer service training program. These include:

  • New Hire Customer Service Training. Training for recently hired employees in which you welcome and introduce them to the team, establish responsibilities and expectations, and set them up with any tools or instructions they might need to perform the job well.

  • Quarterly or Yearly Customer Service Training. Your customer service agents should periodically receive training for things like team building or simple skills or competence check-ins.

  • Emergency Customer Service Training. Training for customer service agents when there's an unexpected event like a major rebranding or a product recall.

Here Are A Couple More Things To Consider:

How to Create Effective Customer Service Training Programs

There are several ways to create an effective customer service training program. Choose the customer service training methods that are right for your team from the following:

  • Customer Service Knowledge Base. A customer service knowledge base is a collection of articles related to your company, each department, and your products and services that your agents can easily access online. You can create a series of articles to train your agents.

  • Customer Service Training Videos. Create your own or find some customer service training videos online from some of the top experts in the field to help train your agents.

  • Customer Service Training Course. Create a course that each of your employees must get through in order to complete their training for the position.

Once you know which methods to use for your customer service training, you can begin creating the materials and developing an outline for the structure of your program. For example, if you're going to use a knowledge base and training videos, will you embed the videos within the course or link to a third-party site like YouTube? Consider your options and go from there.

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