Need Help Deciding If Third-Party, Instructor-Led Training is Right For You?

"I need help deciding whether to outsource my customer service training."

What Is Third-Party, Instructor-Led Training With gardenpatch?

Third-party, instructor-led customer service training is training led by an outsourced company that specializes in customer service training. Using a series of videos or other media, these instructors teach customer service agents how to interact with customers, how to manage difficult situations, and how to resolve complaints in an effective and efficient manner. Instructor-led training can be beneficial if you don't have the time or budget to create all of your customer service training materials from scratch and develop an entire customer service training program. It can also help increase customer engagement and loyalty, leading to an increase in revenue.


Benefits Of Outsourcing Customer Service Training

Outsourcing your customer service training can make implementing a customer service training program much easier because you don't have to spend time and money creating resources and structuring the course. Here are just some reasons why you should consider third-party, instructor-led training for your customer service representatives.

  • Get access to expert advice across multiple channels
  • Provide an interactive and engaging learning environment
  • Can be adapted to different learning styles
  • Ability to track and measure progress

A Few More Things To Consider:

Examples of Customer Service Training Programs

If you're considering outsourcing your customer service training, there are several options you might consider. Just some of the top customer service training programs include:

  1. HubSpot Academy - HubSpot Academy offers several different free courses that include helpful lessons related to customer service.

  2. Customer Service Training by Alison - Teaches the basics of customer service and how to handle difficult customer interactions.

  3. Culture of Services: New Perspective on Customer Relations by edX - Uses videos of real customer interactions to teach agents customer service skills.

  4. Support Professional Training by Service Strategies - Teaches high-quality customer service training that focuses on effective communication techniques by speaking the customer's language.

How to Choose a Third-Party Instructor-Led Training Program

After considering what the above training programs can potentially do to improve your business, you might be thinking about implementing one, but you're still not sure which program is right for you. Here are some things to consider to help you decide:

  • Price: Some of the programs are free. If you have a limited budget, you should probably be looking at the free programs. HubSpot has a great free program for those on a limited budget.

  • Quality: If your budget isn't an issue, opt for the program you feel provides the best quality in terms of content and overall ease of understanding and usability.

  • Value: How much value does the program provide for your business and your customer service agents?

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