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Auditing your business is a great way to ensure that it's operating as
efficiently and effectively as possible.

Find out where you may be wasting time, energy, or money,
so you can make the changes needed to become more efficient and profitable.


Get ready to fulfill your mission.

Look at your processes from an outside perspective,
and see how they can be optimized.



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kpi sales

Sales Audit

Identify your top opportunities and make sure you're using all the tools at your disposal to maximize revenue. Audit your sales process and fix what's not working.

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kpi marketing

Marketing Audit

Identify areas for improvement, to ensure your next round of marketing campaigns are more effective. Figure out how you can improve customer experience and ultimately grow your business.

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kpi service

Service Audit

Review your service standards and customer satisfaction levels. See if there are ways to improve the customer experience by addressing shortcomings revealed in the audit.

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kpi people

People Audit

Understanding your human capital is what it takes to keep employees happy, engaged, and productive. A people audit can help you gain insights into your company's culture and people practices.

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kpi technologia

Technology Audit

Figure out how to improve your business’s tech stack. We’ll identify gaps in your current IT infrastructure and propose solutions to correct those gaps or add new features.

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kip operations

Operations Audit

It's time to start operating at peak efficiency. Get a better understanding of your supply chain and processes, so you can improve efficiency, productivity, and reduce waste and cost.

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gardenpatch Growth Audits

Audit your business to find out where you need to improve and how.

Running a business is no easy task—even if you're an expert in all aspects of the business, you'll still have a lot on your plate. That's where we come in. gardenpatch can help you ensure your business runs as smoothly as possible.

Our team of experts can help with sales, marketing, service, people, technology, and operations audits.

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