Employee Audit

A people audit allows you to see the direction your business is headed, how it's growing, and what kind of resources are needed.

What Is A People Audit

An employee audit or people audit is an assessment of the effectiveness of your organization's people management and talent systems. An audit of the people in your workplace can help to improve communication and boost your bottom line. It's a way to achieve diversity and understand what makes your workforce tick. Furthermore, an employee audit is also an effective communication tool.


How To Approach A People Audit

As a manager, you will get many ideas from your employees. It is your job to encourage and foster the trust of your employees.

When employees bring you new ideas, how do you respond? We must take a moment to understand why our teams might feel discouraged from sharing their thoughts with us.

An onboarding program will help ensure that employees feel fully integrated into the company when they join. Some key points to remember are:

  • Finding the best way to welcome your new employees
  • Understanding how you introduce yourself to your new hires
  • Finding ways to make them feel welcome

One of the biggest challenges with onboarding new employees is building trust and engagement between employees. Start with a positive communicative environment. You can use an internal communication/engagement tool to allow:

  • Employees to have open discussions with their manager and peers
  • Managers and peers to lend advice, congratulate each other's achievements and provide support
  • Allows employees to feel like they belong in the company culture
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Here's How gardenpatch Can Help With People Audit:

Where Do I Start?

A company's employees are its greatest asset. They know more about each step of the company process than anyone else. When you include their opinions in your decision-making process, they feel heard, valued, and respected. Get your team aligned and you will be more likely to come up with decisions that will work better for the organization's needs.

How Can gardenpatch Help Me With People Audits?

A "people audit" allows managers to evaluate themselves based on their performance and how well they communicate with others. The people audit will give them insight into how they can improve their relationships within their work culture. Conducting a people audit could reveal some hidden strengths as well!

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