Understanding gardenpatch's Points-based Pricing System

About Our Points System

At gardenpatch, we use a points-based pricing system to provide transparency and flexibility for our partner organizations. Each point represents a specific value and can be allocated towards a variety of project actions and strategic sessions. Our points system helps us bring transparency to our partners for elements such as timelines, effort, and resources required to achieve desired outcomes.


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Point Value

1 point = $200 USD

We assign a value of $200 USD to each point, but the actual value of a point can vary depending on the skill, experience, and difficulty of the work being done. On average, one point can represent between 15 minutes to 1 hour worth of labor.

How We Calculate Points

At gardenpatch, we take a strategic approach to growth, considering the value and impact of our collective efforts and results for each partner organization. Every project and organization is unique, so the calculation for points takes into account the value and impact of our work over time.

The formula for calculating points is:

Point Calculation


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Point System Levels

At gardenpatch, we classify our efforts into four levels based on the complexity and resources required for each project. Our levels ensure that there is transparency between our team and partners, and that our priorities are aligned at all times.

For example, a basic squeeze page that requires few resources could classify as Level 1 and require between 4-6 points. Meanwhile, a similar squeeze page with a custom web app, online calculator, and custom animations that require more resources could classify as Level 4 and require 18 points or more.

Our points system levels help us internally understand how much can be invested for a given initiative, and it ensures that we provide tailored solutions that align with our partners' objectives and resources.

When working together, your dedicated Account Manager and Partner Coordinator will make sure that there is transparency at all times regarding how points are allocated, and that we are all on the same page with regards to priorities and progress. By using our points system, we can provide a transparent pricing model that allows our partners to achieve measurable results and drive long-term growth.GGI-Point-System-Ex