A Positive Work Environment: Employee Recognition

Employee recognition increases worker morale and productivity, which can help you retain your best workers and attract new ones.

Rewarding Employees

We all want to do the right thing and give our employees accolades and rewards for their efforts. However, a common challenge every employer faces is failing to provide them with high-quality recognition.

Let's say you have worked for a company that feels like family and offers its employees regular appreciation and recognition. In that case, you'll likely understand why creating an employee recognition culture is so important.  Regular people recognition improves employee motivation, retention, and engagement scores. According to a recent survey, only one-third of Americans feel engaged at work! One minor but effective strategy is to provide recognition for roles played on the job.


An Employee Recognition Culture

Adopting an employee recognition culture strategy introduces important recognition and reward. These are two essential elements in building a culture of engagement. If your company is not already offering these programs, it's time to start.

A lack of recognition is one of the biggest complaints from employees about their companies. Yet many companies are still struggling to create the perfect employee recognition program.

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Here's How gardenpatch Can Help You Improve Your Recognition Strategy In Your Company:

Where Do I Start?

In many companies, recognition is a one-time event. However, it should be part of an employee culture strategy.

The benefits of creating an employee recognition culture can be huge. Employees will feel more appreciated, respected, and committed to their work if they know they will be recognized. In addition, a recognition culture increases engagement and retention while boosting productivity and morale in the workplace.

Let gardenpatch Help You With People Recognition

Recognition is not just about creating an award or giving a gift. Recognition is the recognition of others' achievements and successes. It is about recognizing the value of each person in your organization and creating a culture of appreciation and respect.

If you need help adopting an employee recognition culture strategy, we are here to help! We can create a positive culture where your employees feel valued, appreciated, and heard, increasing engagement, improving productivity, and lower turnover rates.

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