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"When leaders connect with their employees, the company benefits from happier employees who stay with the company longer."

Understanding Employee Relationship with Managers

It's not uncommon for managers and employees to feel like they're operating on different wavelengths. Although the notion of company culture has been getting a lot of attention lately, most employees say that collaboration between managers and workers could be better. In a recent survey among employees, most respondents indicated that there is not enough collaboration between themselves and their direct manager.


How To Approach Employee Relationship With Managers

Companies with a collaborative work environment establish a culture of honesty. Executives can start by encouraging employees to give feedback and suggestions. Management listens and implements changes based on employee suggestions. Positive feedback is vital to ensure that everyone understands their role and the company goals. This strategy also supports issues with employee performance or possible job dissatisfaction. In this way, corrective measures can be taken sooner rather than later.

Whenever building a collaborative work environment, it helps to have an open-door policy. You can have a collaborative team even with employees sitting in cubicles. When each team member feels comfortable talking to others about their ideas, they are more likely to build a culture of collaboration in the workplace. As a manager, it is essential to set the tone for your employees' relationships with one another. Let your staff know that they should anticipate and enjoy the give-and-take among coworkers and yourself.

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Employees want to feel like they are a vital part of a company. Surveys reflect that employees genuinely want to be heard in the workplace. So if a company wants a collaborative work environment, they need to listen to its employees.

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If you are looking for ways to implement communication, allow your team members to give feedback. Empower them to create a positive company culture that makes your employees feel like their voice is heard.

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