How Do I Get Valuable Analytics to Inform Better Decisions?

"I'm struggling with data analysis."

Using Data Analysis To Improve Marketing Performance

Marketing performance reporting isn't just about reporting statistics. It's about gaining valuable insights into your marketing performance. You can use these insights to optimize your sales pipeline.

To do this, you need to measure the right metrics and do so regularly to gain insight into the future based on historical data. 


What You Need To Keep In Mind

Collect data on audience engagement with the content you publish, such as blog posts, lead magnets, and videos. Track metrics on your website traffic and social media engagement.

Other key indicators you should be reporting on regularly are your cost per acquisition (CPA) and sales-qualified leads (SQLs). It may seem like an overwhelming amount of information, but analytics software makes this data interpretable through charts and graphs. 

Here's How gardenpatch Can Help You With Marketing Reporting And Analytics:

Marketing Performance Dashboards

Marketing performance dashboards are reporting softwares that store all your data in one place and run analytics for you. They enable you to analyze how your marketing strategies are performing at the moment, by compiling reports faster than your staff could. You can also have them generate reports on autopilot on a monthly or quarterly basis. Additionally, you can customize the reporting based on your business's needs and save your staff the time and effort it takes to generate reports.

Data-Driven Marketing

With the right technology and systems in place to run regular reporting on your marketing efforts, you can identify missed sales opportunities and gaps in your approach. Course-correcting based on real data gives you a competitive edge you can use to skyrocket your ROI.

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