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The Importance of Email Marketing

If you've been blogging for any period of time you will have most likely heard about how important email marketing is. It's a hot topic, and there are a million different arguments about why it is or isn't necessary.

Email marketing is still relevant. You may think that social media or pay-per-click ads are more effective, but they aren't. Reports show that email marketing is still the best channel for getting new subscribers and increasing revenue. So why would you not take advantage of that? In fact, nearly 80% of marketers report seeing an increase in their email open rate and engagement in the past year.

Small business email marketing. When you first launch your small business, it is unlikely that you will have a thriving business on your hands. A lot of companies are born business ideas, but very few of them actually turn into businesses. There are many reasons for this. One of the biggest obstacles is getting customers to visit your website. Email marketing is essential for any keen business out there. It not only provides a way to engage with the customers personally, but it also provides a platform to promote and sell your products and services to them.

Email Marketing, a Rise in Popularity

Recently, email marketing has seen a rise in popularity. Every few months, an old email client gets removed from the market by Google. If your website is not compliant with the latest spam policy guidelines, then you are sure to get into trouble. You have to give your visitors the option of opting out of emails that are not relevant to them. This is something that most users find difficult to do. So you can set yourself apart and make it easy for them!

Email Marketing Is an Effective Marketing Channel

Email marketing statistics show that more than 300 billion emails are sent daily. However, some businesses are still neglecting this channel because of its difficulties. They don't understand the importance of understanding email marketing.

Email marketing is not dead, despite what some marketers say. What was once a part of the internet marketing area has now moved into the realm of digital marketing. Email marketing is an excellent start for affiliates to bring in more profit. That's because they can retain subscribers interested in buying their product.

Email Marketing Costs

The truth is that email is one of the most cost-efficient and effective marketing tools. It reaches out to your customers and helps you generate targeted leads without extra effort. In addition, you do not need to hire a team of marketers to track customer information manually.

The Many Email Marketing Benefits:

  • Email marketing is an essential part of your first campaign or any digital marketing campaign. And it's a great tool, especially for small business owners. You just have to find the right email marketing service.
  • Email marketing is a valuable tool for customer relationship management. You can also use it to promote eCommerce opportunities and generate sales. Not only can email marketing be used to reach current customers and prospects, but it can also be used as a communication channel. This is an effective way to nurture and develop relationships with new and existing customers. It's a good idea to incorporate an email marketing platform when you're ready for email automation.
  • Target audience email marketing lets you deliver news and information directly to a group of people identified as being likely customers of your business. Direct contact increases customer response rates by including clear call-to-action statements. When you have a clear call-to-action, it encourages people to continue reading the message.
  • Research shows for every $1 spent on email marketing strategies, you can look for an average return on investment of $38.

It's Not All About the Money

Your email marketing campaigns don't just make you money. It's a great way to keep in constant contact with your audience. We all know that's how you build relationships and trust. So when you get that email list together, you don't want to spam people. That's the easiest way to lose someone from your sales funnel. If you're too annoying and not giving relevant information, people will want to remove their email addresses from your list. That is the last thing you want to do, scare off potential customers.

Here are a few ways email marketing helps your business:

  1. Email helps you build relationships with prospects and customers
  2. Email marketing makes sending information about your products or services easy
  3. Email lets you remain in contact with customers without being intrusive
  4. Email marketing allows you to easily segment your audience into groups that can be targeted with different products or offers
  5. Email builds customer loyalty
  6. Email provides a direct line of communication to customers in real-time
  7. Email marketing increases the chances of repeat purchases from current customers
  8. Email gives businesses a way to communicate directly with customers in a personalized manner
  9. It's easy to measure the effectiveness

Maintaining an Email List

You need to get your email list straight away. You'll struggle to make money online without this essential and powerful tool. First things first, what is an email list? An email list is simply people that you've collected via your website. Having your email list is significantly more powerful than having social media followers or friends on Facebook or other social media platforms.

To build your email list, you simply need an email signup form to collect contact information for new subscribers. This can be either on your website or on your social media page.

Some sites use cookies. You can also create a landing page using a landing page builder and email marketing tools like MailChimp. It doesn't just stop there! You're going to want to grow that contact list. If you have an E-commerce business, you might want to use MailChimp's WooCommerce integration or MailChimp's Calendly integration.

Creating an Email

Creating an email list might prove to be a challenge. It is something that will take time. While you want to build your list as soon as possible, you still don't want to force people. Your users should have a clear choice of whether or not they want to get emails from you. Once you have your list of email addresses, only send them useful information. Understand your customers will have different needs. Make sure there is a straightforward way to unsubscribe from your email newsletters if they lose interest.

Think about it this way. Why would you want to be marketing to people who are not interested in your offer? That's a sure way to thwart your email marketing efforts. You want to get to the right people at the right time. Email marketing, like any other marketing branch, works better when people are interested. So be meticulous about who you think could become new customers or potential clients.

Crafting the Perfect Email

As a marketing manager, you know that email marketing has a good ROI and engagement rates. Both are easy to measure. However, sending useless emails won't get you anywhere. It will just damage your reputation instead of building brand awareness. Therefore, your use of email should be thoughtful whether you're B2B or B2C.

Email marketing can be a powerful way to build customer loyalty and promote new products. In fact, email is the most direct form of communication between businesses and their customers. However, you also have to consider email deliverability and how people read your emails. In addition, you want to consider whether they use mobile devices or others.

It's no wonder most major corporations view email as a channel they can't afford to ignore. Major retailers like Walmart and Target use email marketing as a primary communication channel for their customers and potential customers.

It's not all about big brands. Small businesses can also utilize effective email campaigns, even with limited resources. Whether you're trying to create a lead magnet or a simple welcome email, there are general ways to ensure your brand message sticks.

Here Are Some Best Practices for Crafting Effective Emails to Help You Grow Your Business:

  • Check for poorly crafted writing. First, it reflects poorly on your company and product. Put in the effort to make it clean and professional. Make sure it's captivating. The goal is to entice recipients to open the email, leading to them possibly clicking through to your site or blog for more information.
  • Make it personal. Personalizing is one of the best ways to increase engagement and click-through rates among recipients. You can still personalize even if you're using a form letter email. It's an inexpensive way to save money on marketing expenses. It is also successful if you want to stand out from competitors. You want to bear in mind that larger competitors might be using mass-mailing tactics.
  • Give something of value.

Don't just send an email asking the customer to fill out contact forms or leave comments on your blog. Add something of value. It's an incentive for you to take your time and invest in your clientele. Remember, spamming does not produce results.

Creating An Effective Email Marketing Strategy

There are so many email marketing software options available in and out of the United States. Some of the best email marketing services include MailChimp, Aweber, GetResponse, Constant Contact, and Infusionsoft. You will find that most email marketing services start with a free plan until you can move on to advanced features.

Here's How You Can Create an Effective Email Marketing Strategy:

  • Create. First, decide who your target audience is and what you're trying to achieve. This will help you determine what to send. For example, let's say you want to promote a new product or service. It might make sense to send out an email every couple of weeks with information on the new product or service. You can send things like helpful tips for using it, etc. If you're trying to improve customer loyalty, that is different. Maybe that email would be every couple of months.
  • The information in your email must be relevant and engaging. If it's not interesting enough, the potential customer won't read it and therefore won't respond to any offers or promotions.
  • When creating your email, remember they have different preferences regarding how they receive it. Some will open it on desktops and others on their mobile device.
  • Keep it clean. You don't want your email to add to your customer's inbox clutter. So stick to the "the shorter, the better" type of email contact. They can read them more easily and quickly without scrolling back and forth between lines. Just offer your information without all the fluff.

Email Marketing Examples

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise your business and reach out to existing and potential customers. Nowadays, it's easier than ever to get started with email marketing. You don't need a big budget for promotional emails. All you need is an email address from an email platform. If You're Not Using Email Marketing Yet, You're Missing Out on a Huge Opportunity!

Here are three email marketing campaign examples to help you create a successful email marketing campaign:

1. Do special offers through your email list for your e-commerce store.

This can be tricky if you sell products that require personalization or customization. However, it's a great way to get new customers and bring back old ones. Not only will they buy something, but they'll also get comfortable with your brand. This can lead to loyalty in the future.

2. Send a "thank you" email after someone purchases from you online.

  • It doesn't have to be a long or complex message. Just a simple "Thank you for buying from us!" with a link to your store that says "You're awesome!" is enough to make people feel appreciated without being spammy.
3. Create an opt-in list for your existing email subscribers from your blog or website.
  • Offer them something in return for signing up. You can offer a free e-book or an exclusive deal on one of your products. Another angle is to let them know when new products become available in the future. These are usually your trigger emails.

These three email marketing ideas are just the tip of the iceberg. You will discover so many more as your business grows! Email marketing is still relevant and an effective marketing channel.

Want to learn how email marketing can work for your business? Talk to one of our growth specialists at gardenpatch and discover more by contacting us today!

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